VYASA, is a Charitable Society was registered in 1986 in Nagarcoil, Tamilnadu as Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana. From 1986 to 2000 it was called Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VK YOGAS). VYASA is the mother organization of S-VYASA, A Deemed University. VYASA has its Office for communications in Ekanath Bhavan in Bangalore city and Residential Campus […]  Read More


President of the Institution – Dr. H R Nagendra FROM NASA TO VYASA Dr. H R Nagendra holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering from IISc, Bangalore and is the president of VYASA. After receiving his doctorate in 1968, he served as faculty of IISc in Department of Mechanical Engineering. He then served as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in […]

President’s Message
We are glad that the works of VYASA have benefited thousands of people in achieving their health goals since our establishment over three decades ago. It is also worth noting that most of our students have embarked on a yoga-teaching career with many owning center(s) upon graduation from our yoga courses all over the world.


Holistic Management
Holistic Systems Management (HOLSYM) of VYASA The Campus, Prashanti Kutiram is managed by HOLSYM What is HOLSYM? It is an acronym for Holistic Systems Management adding dimensions, viz health, personality growth and contribution to society, to the Total Quality Management system (TQM) which emphasize on quality of products. HOLSYM Features Planning Targets & Schedules Checklist Duty charts VCS […]


Managing Committee
President: Dr H R Nagendra Vice Presidents Dr R Nagarathna, Prof Ramachandra G Bhat, Dr. R Venkatram Secretary: Sri T Mohan Join Secretaries Dr Sudheer Deshpande, Sri R Ramachandra, Sri M R Shanmukhappa, Smt Subhadra Devi Treasurer: Sri H R Dayananda Swamy Members Smt Padma C Raju, Kum S K Geetha, Sri B Mahadevappa Sri M […]


Mou & Linkage
National Partner Institute: Lohia Engineering & Design Pvt. Ltd., Activities: Print and Reproduce, VYASA Signatory: Dr HR Nagendra, President, Partner Signatory: Partner Signatory: Amit Lohia Partner Institute: Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre Activities: Cooperation in the field of Translational Research and Exchange of Scholars, VYASA Signatory: Dr HR Nagendra, President, Partner Signatory: […]


Annual Reports
VYASA Annual Report, 2011-2012 VYASA Annual Report, 2013-2014 VYASA Annual Report, 2015-2016