Holistic Systems Management (HOLSYM) of VYASA The Campus, Prashanti Kutiram is managed by HOLSYM

What is HOLSYM? It is an acronym for Holistic Systems Management adding dimensions, viz health, personality growth and contribution to society, to the Total Quality Management system (TQM) which emphasize on quality of products.

HOLSYM Features


  • Targets & Schedules
  • Checklist
  • Duty charts
  • VCS Boards

Training (HRD)

  • Skill
  • Health
  • Growth and Contribution



  • Meetings: Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly
  • Daily yoga schedule
  • Problem solving methodology

Eye Chart & HOLSYM Structur Eye chart depicts the structure of the Organization with the Chief Executive (Secretary) as the eyeball, assisted by support (problem-solving) group, Coordination Committee, a team of Coordinators, Joint and Assistant Coordinators and workers in Karma Yoga Modules KYM (departments) and their sections. The Secretary is guided by the core group, controlled by Managing Committee and governed by the VYASA General Body. Each KYM will have its own eye chart with coordinator as the eyeball and a structure similar to the main eye chart.

Karma Yoga Modules of HOLSYM The Departments are named as Karma Yoga modules KYMs. Each KYM has an advisor, co-ordinator, joint & assistant co-ordinatiors